Dalston Ward

Senior Data Scientist at Clayco
Research Affiliate at Immigration Policy Lab

Resume (1 page) / CV(4 pages)

I am a Senior Data Scientist at Clayco and an affiliated researcher at the Immigration Policy Lab. I was previously a Machine Learning Engineer at Decide and, before that, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Public Policy Group in the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences at ETH Zurich. I received my PhD in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

My research explores several topics in comparative politics. I have studied the downstream effects of policies—e.g., parental leave, citizenship campaigns, Covid-19 lockdowns, economic globalization, educational tracking—on political attitudes and behaviors. I have also written on topics such as immigrant integration, public opinion toward immigrants, affective polarization, and judicial institutions.


Peer-Reviewed Publications
  • "Fathers' Leave Reduces Sexist Attitudes,'' (with Margit Tavits, Petra Schleiter, and Jonathan Homola). 2023. American Political Science Review: 1–7.
        Abstract     Supporting Information     Replication Materials    

  • "Can Political Speech Foster Tolerance of Immigrants?,'' (with Petra Schleiter and Margit Tavits). 2021. Political Science Research and Methods: 1–17.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information     Pre-Analysis Plan     Replication Materials    

  • "The effect of citizenship on the long-term earnings of marginalized immigrants: Quasi-experimental evidence from Switzerland,'' (with Jens Hainmueller and Dominik Hangartner). 2019. Science Advances 5(12): eaay1610.
        Abstract     Supplementary Materials     Replication Code

  • "Public Attitudes Toward Young Immigrant Men," 2019. American Political Science Review 113(1): 264–269.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information     Replication Materials

  • "How partisan affect shapes citizens' perception of the political world," (with Margit Tavits). 2019. Electoral Studies 60: 102045.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information     Replication Materials

  • "Judicial Review Timing and Legislative Posturing: Reconsidering the Moral Hazard Problem," (with Matthew Gabel). 2019. Journal of Politics 81(2): 681–685.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information

  • "Dynamic effects of electoral laws." 2019. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties 29(3): 402–19.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information     Replication Materials

  • "How Economic Integration Affects Party Issue Emphases," (with Jeong-Hyun Kim, Matthew Graham and Margit Tavits). 2015. Comparative Political Studies 48(10): 1227–1259.
        Abstract     Preprint     Supporting Information     Replication Materials    

Working Papers
  • "Diversity within an Immigrant Population Can Reduce Local Opposition and Foster Integration.''

  • "Large-Scale Citizenship Campaigns Can Increase Naturalization Rates,'' (with Joëlle Pianzola and Dominik Hangartner).

  • "COVID-19 Lockdown Policies Weaken Civic Attitudes in the United States and Europe,'' (with Moritz Marbach and Dominik Hangartner).

  • "Which Political Activities Are Caused by Education? Evidence from School Entry Exams,'' (with Dominik Hangartner, Lukas Schmid and Stefan Boes).
        Abstract     Pre-Analysis Plan

  • "Beyond Borders: The Effect of Border Liberalization on Anti-Immigrant Voting,'' (with Ala Alrababah, Andreas Beerli and Dominik Hangartner).


ETH Zurich
  • Methods II: Introduction to Quantitative Social Science (Instructor: Dominik Hangartner), Fall 2020, Graduate
  • Methods III: Causal Inference (Instructor: Dominik Hangartner), Spring 2020, Graduate
Washington University in St. Louis
  • Introduction to Programming in R (short course), Fall 2015, Graduate

  • Quantitative Political Methodology (Instructor: Jacob Montgomery), Fall 2016, Undergraduate
        Teaching Evaluations

  • Measurement and Latent Trait Models (Instructor: Jacob Montgomery), Fall 2016, Graduate
        Teaching Evaluations

  • Comparative European Politics (Instructor: Margit Tavits), Fall 2015, Undergraduate
       Teaching Evaluations

  • Quantitative Political Methodology (Instructor: Betsy Sinclair), Spring 2015, Undergraduate
       Teaching Evaluations

  • Writing About Civil Rights (Instructor: Gary Miller), Fall 2014, Undergraduate
       Teaching Evaluations

  • The Politics of the European Union (Instructor: Matthew Gabel), Fall 2013, Undergraduate